A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’72 Honda CB175 Cafe Racer

How many times will I say that I love Cafe Racers. It’s not question, it’s a statement. Whether it’s a 50cc Moto Beta or a 1000cc Kawasaki it doesn’t matter, it’s the bike that counts. What is so great about true Cafe Racers is that they all start from humble beginnings. Some came out of the showroom and never saw the road until the transformation was completed, some came out of the junkyard and were reborn.

A proper cafe racer has been built according to the axiom that ‘form follows function’. All too often it’s the other way around.

I found a great little CR this morning that I think would be so much fun to ride and, when you get home, park it in the living room because it’s so good looking.

Start with a perfectly good little motorcycle and then turn it into a perfectly great little motorcycle. That’s what the owner of this little Honda did. A beautiful Cafe Racer. The Honda CB175 was an out growth of the CB160 (the bike I started my motorcycling life on) and, after a few styling modifications, engine upgrades, became the CB200…still a great bike.

The owner of this great little 175 doesn’t give a lot of info but there are a lot of pictures that show the detail that went into this motorcycle. This is a bike that will be so much fun to ride. It is a stock motor so you have the reliability factor going for you and it’s got so much style. It is almost perfect…well, it really is perfect. Click on the pic below for more info. You know, seeing this bike has given me a couple of great ideas for my own Honda CB Cafe project…I’m just hoping mine will turn out as nice. It will be faster, that I’m sure of. Oh and one more thing here, when the CB175 was first introduced it sold for $566.00. New. This one is well worth the increase.

’72 Honda CB175 Cafe Racer


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