A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’73 Honda CL450 Cafe’Racer

Only 777 miles??? How can you only have 777 miles on a 1973 motorcycle?

We have all heard of bikes that were found in a barn, garage, back of a shop somewhere that have just sat for decades. I remember one story of a man who bought a 1930’s something Indian, put it in the back of his truck and took it home to his farm in Iowa (or maybe Arkansas, Kentucky, Texas…doesn’t matter) proudly showed it to his wife and son and then…he couldn’t start it. After way too much time stabbing at the kickstarter, fiddling with the various things that needed to be fiddled with to get the motorcycle started, he leaned it up against the back wall, covered it with an oil cloth and walked away cussing up a blue storm about what a piece of S*#t his new motorcycle was.

So, where was this CL450 found? Does it really have only 777 miles on the clock? If it’s true, it’s hardly broken in…cool.

So anyway, this CL450 Cafe racer I found on ebay this morning is really cool. The owner grafted on a Benelli gas tank, kept the stock pipes (maybe internally modified…the post does say it sounds great..), looks like a set of GP touring bars instead of Clubmans (I have those on my CB350 Cafe bike…much more comfortable to ride with than the full drop bars, but still looks right). This bike has a nice balance of stock and unique parts. And…the tires are very period correct for a cool cafe racer. I like it a lot, I have some new inspiration for MY next cafe racer build..a Honda SL350. Maybe I can take the tank off my 250 Benelli, the wheels off my Hawk…ah the mind is racing…

Click on the pics below for more info about this very cool Honda

’73 Honda CL450 Cafe Racer


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