A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’69 Honda CB160

OK gang, this is just a quickie. I have a short story about the beginning of my motorcycling life and it starts with a Honda CB160.

My father, a Marine helicopter pilot, had just returned from his first tour of duty in Vietnam. He had some time off and a few dollars in his pocket that needed to be spent. He went out got himself a new 1966 Chevy Impala. But…he also brought home from his time in Southeast Asia a new 1966 Honda CB160.

I was fourteen years old and dad decided it was time I learned how to drive and ride a motorcycle. I didn’t get to drive the Impala (I learned in my stepmom’s VW) but, I did drive ‘into’ the Impala.

Visiting my dad soon after he got home, he handed me a helmet, sat me on the seat of his new motorcycle and proceeded to teach me how to ride a motorcycle. “Here’s the clutch, the brakes, the throttle, etc, etc”…as if I was really listening…my adrenaline addled brain was in overdrive. However, brain to hand control function was switched off. Next thing I remember was seeing the rear bumper of a 1966 Impala…up way too close and then looking at it from the ground beneath it. A rather auspicious start to very long motorcycling life.


So back to the point here. I found this really stock 1969 Honda CB160 on ebay this morning and all the memories came rushing back. It is a nice bike and with a little TLC should be a fun ride. Or…if you live in the Pacific Northwest, there is a huge group of guys that are racing CB160’s in AHRMA and, it is a class that is growing across the country.

It’s a nice bike, but I gotta say the owner/seller has a pretty inflated idea of how much he thinks this motorcycle is worth. I’d wait for it to come back up or contact the owner and see what you can work out. on the pics below for more info and a few more pictures.

’69 Honda CB160


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