A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’72 Yamaha XS650

Somebody please come forward and help me!!! This IS the XS650 that I want so badly.It’s the right year, the color, the condtion (completly stock) and it’s ready to ride. However, my banker (wife) says I have enough projects in the process, so new additions to the collection are out of the question. We’ll see.

I have written plenty about the XS650 over the time of this blog…from stockers, to choppers, flat trackers and of course, cafe racers. Yamaha did a beautiful job styling this motorcycle and built one of the most wonderful engines to sit in a frame. I love this motorcycle.

So really, if you want a true classic motorcycle at a what I hope will be a fairly reasonable price. I hope also, that the owner isn’t one of those guys that have a highly inflated notion of how much the motorcycle should sell for. Keep your fingers crossed and bid accordingly. Click on the pics below for more pictures and information. It is a really nice example of a great motorcycle.

’72 Yamaha XS650


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