A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’87 Yamaha SRX 250

Small bore motorcycles are far and away the most fun when you are riding tight twisty roads, and this is the perfect little bike. This little bike was way ahead of it’s time here in the US. Yamaha had a unique capability of bringing bikes to the states that were loved by journalists but, weren’t well received by buyers at the time but generated a class that still lives world wide and is just coming back around here. The TDM 850 (1992-1993) is my best example. It has come back as the ‘Super Tenere’, nearly 20 years later, (which is also a name from the past) and is selling pretty well.

I seem to have this penchant for acquiring motorcycles that weren’t very popular here in the US. Yes, I do have a small fleet of Honda 350’s, (the biggest selling motorcycle of all time), I rode a Honda CB750 for years, but I do love the unique (read, hard to find parts for…) motorcycles. am currently working on an SRX600, which only came to the States for one year. A year later (1987), Yamaha tried again with the SRX250, a neat little sled…a quick handling, revvy little single, quarter fairing for the racy look and trying to attract the commuter rider. Well, it lasted just one year here too. Ironically,the Kawasaki EX250, aka; The Baby Ninja, came to the US around the same time and is still selling really well…Kawasaki can’t make enough of them…!! Honda has joined the game with the new CBR250 Single which is also selling really well and loved by all the moto magazines world wide. So, why didn’t the SRX250 succeed??? Beats the hell out of me. Light, sorta quick (a bit slow revving for a little bike, because the motor actually came from the XT250 Dual Sport), great handling, electric starter and sport bike styling. A great package. So again, why did Yamaha give up after just one year in the US? Sigh.

So, I found this neat little SRX250 in really great condition on ebay today. The owner did a couple of mods that in this case, really make the motorcycle, in my and apparently the owners opinion, better. He took the fairing with it’s rectangular headlight off, fitted a round headlight to the front, changed the funky looking side panels from black plastic to cool looking stainless steel, but other than that, kept the motorcycle as it was designed.

It starts right up, runs great, has only 6300 miles on the clock and should be a blast to ride. One of the good things about this little road rocket is that because it’s motor is based on the XT250 powerplant,(which is still around) finding parts won’t be an issue. There are plenty of resources for suspension upgrades if you find the need, and the web is full of forums and groups for the SRX models.

Click on the pics below for more info and the chance to get a really fun ride at what seems to be a very good value at this time

’87 Yamaha SRX 250


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