A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’75 Moto Guzzi T3…kinda Le Mans

My good friend Eric (aka The Alien) has a Guzzi T3. He bought it from a fellow back in Maryland, flew out there (met an interesting woman who became his ex-wife, but that’s another story for another time…) and rode back to California. Eric has spent a good deal of his motorcycling life riding schnitzel bikes (read, German) and this was his first foray into pasta styled 2 wheelers. Along the way there were a few hiccups but nothing he couldn’t handle. When he got home to the ranch the Guzzi got parked and he was back on his vintage Beemer.

Fast forward a couple of years and the trusty R100 needs a break. Battery charger goes on the Goose and surprisingly, the next morning it starts right up. ” you know what, I had forgotten why I bought this bike, I really like it”. Eric is still riding his T3 almost daily.

A little info about the T3 here. The T3 designation stands for how many disc brakes are on the bike and, it was Moto Guzzi’s first motorcycle with integrated brake system. Tap the rear brake pedal and you also get one of the front discs slowing you down. It actually works quite well. The T3 was an outgrowth from the 850 California model. It was still designed for traveling and was also used by many Police departments. The T3 is a fine handling motorcycle (by big heavy slow steering rock steady Italian standards), it has been the platform for so many beautiful Cafe’ Racers and Sport Tourers. Guzzi’s of this vintage are found for sale with as litle 15,00 miles to over 150,000 miles on the internet on a regular, well…semi regular, basis. As I researched the Guzzi T3, every owner had almost nothing but good thing to say about, including my friend ‘The Alien’ (I can’t always take his motorcycle reviews all that seriously…he loves Studebakers, showed at my house one evening test driving his new VW van powered by an Oldsmobile V6 and is currently driving an old Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser…the list goes on but I’ll stop here and get back the subject at hand).

I found a really nice ’75 Moto Guzzi that has been seriously tricked out on ebay today. This Moto Guzzi has been completely gone over, through and tweaked. Apparently the owner wanted a LeMans but couldn’t find one he liked so he built his own. After stripping down the T3 he started lining up the garage floor with a LeMans tank,rear fender and seat, a special cafe fairing, forks originally designed for a Ducati, some upgraded Delorto pumper carbs, a factory close ratio transmission and even more including being pumped up to 1000cc’s. A beautiful paint job and a lot of nice details. The owner say’s “it’s not perfectly restored, it’s a hot rod”.

There are some negatives with bike. It does have some small crash damage, gas somehow got underneath the tank bag and damaged the paint on the tank. It’s really not all that bad. It will need some TLC because it has been sitting. Standard stuff…new battery, go through the carbs, etc.

This really is a nice bike but with all the mods it is going to need to be paid attention to on a regular basis. Click on the pics below for a lot more info and more pictures. So far it looks to be at a reasonable price for all you get. This guy has done all the work, you just need to ride it to your favorite Italian restaurant. My suggestion is Guisseppi’s in Pismo Beach California…I can also tell you the best roads to get there.

’75 Moto Guzzi T3 kinda of Le Mans


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