A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’56 Csepel Danuvia 250

A what??? What, you don’t know Danuvia?? How about Pannonia? maybe Tunde? What about White? Where have you been? Obviously not in Hungary. This is the beauty of the internet, you can find every unusual piece of equipment ever made. I love finding unique motorcycles and this one certainly qualifies.

These motorcycles were produced in Hungary from 1951 through 1975. They were made by the state owned Csepel manufacturing, sold under a variety of names, Csepel, Danuvia, Pannonia, Tunde, and White here in the United States. These were mostly little two stroke singles and twins. Danuvia actually started as a small arms company, like many other motorcycle builders, BSA being the first that comes to mind. At the time most Eastern Bloc companies were state run and as long as they were making money they kept getting funding from the government. Well, in 1975 Danuvia wasn’t making enough money to satisfy the government so funding was cut off and Danuvia, Pannonia, Tunde and White went the way of the Doh-Doh.

The motorcycles were popular when they first showed up; well built, (by standards of the time and place), affordable, and relatively stylish???
Csepel motorcycles were raced rather successfully in European trials and enduro’s and here in the US, under the White brand, a few did pretty well in Eastern MX races during the early 1960’s. I don’t ever remember seeing one here in the West. Here in the desert the main Euro’s were CZ and Maico but no White’s.

I found this nice little Danuvia 250 located outside of Las Vegas on ebay today and it’s a neat little bike. It has been completely restored to new condition. The owner considers it a piece of art. Ok…? So, if you’re looking for something quite unique to add to your motorcycle collection or put it in your foyer as a welcoming piece of art, this may be a nice little motorbike to have. Click on the pic below to get the contact info for more pictures. The seller doesn’t provide any information so you’ll need to ask some questions on your own. There is a pretty strong network of owners here in the US so you should be able to find out a lot about this bike.

’56 Csepel Danuvia 250


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