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’65 Honda CB160 Sport

This is the motorcycle that ruined my life. I can blame a lot of people for ruining my life but I can really only blame one motorcycle…my dad’s Honda CB160. Yes, it is the one I rode right into the back of his new 1966 Chevy Impala, but after picking it up and many apologies I rode it all around the neighborhood with the biggest grin on my face. I knew right then and there that motorcycling would be my life. And, I knew that I would be the coolest kid in High School because I rode a motorcycle. Ok…that part of life didn’t really happen but it was a good dream for a fourteen year old.

Since that time I have always had a small size Honda twin in my stable of fun rides, there are still three Honda 350’s in my barn that are always a blast to ride.

Over the last few years a bunch of lunatics up in the Seattle area have spread the CB160 Roadracer disease. It’s HUGE!!! AHRMA now has a class dedicated to just Honda 160’s. What’s the world coming to? Racing motorcycles that have a smaller motor than my power washer?!

The CB160 was a more influential a motorcycle than a lot of people think. Many a service man brought the little 160 back from their tours of duty in Asia. The CB160 was actually big by standards in that part of the world. It was the bike that started using the engine as a stressed member, Ducati still uses that concept. Ok, I may be wrong about the 160 being the first, but I’m not far off.

So, on my morning cruise of ebay I find this neat little CB160 Sport that has been sitting in a barn for 35 years. My kids will be posting bikes years from now with the title…’barn find…my dad’s collection of old Honda twins…” This little 160 is in great condition for restoration or converting it to, wait for it….a very cool little cafe racer.

This little 160 has everything there, except for a couple of badges. A little freshening up, fluids, battery, tires etc… some elbow grease and you’re going to have one very cool little motorcycle to ride around. There are so many forums and websites dedicated to the CB160 that you will have no problems finding parts and help to bring this little Honda Twin back to life. On top of all thjat, the price is still quite reasonable in todays market. Click on the pic’s below for more info and pictures.

Get the bike, make it into a really cool cafe racer like my friend Guy Webster did or go racing with it. No matter what you do, ride it!! Just not into the back of my dad’s new Impala.

’65 Honda CB160 Sport


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