A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’56 Moto Morini Briscola 175 Moto Giro ready

The reason I write this blog is because I love old motorcycles. I can admire a true antique motorcycle, but I really love Vintage (post-war) era bikes. The histories that come with them, especially European motorcycles, is fascinating. The innovations in technology, the design styles and the personalities that built and rode them. In Europe, compared to America, motorbikes were and still are a main form of daily transportation. Motorcycle competitions of all types have their beginnings back on the continent. Road racing, Moto-cross, Trials, Enduro’s and the craziest of them, Speedway, all came from the other side of the pond. Yeah, we can lay claim to Flat Track and Nascar, but the only one that really counts there is Flat Track…don’t get me started on Nascrap.

The original Moto Giro d’ Italia started in 1914. It was a grueling race, riding nine days and hundreds of kilometers on small motorcycles. It was a true test of endurance for the man and the machine. The Moto Giro’s most famous days were in the 1950’s. Italy was rebuilding after the Second World War and working hard at industrial and economic recovery. At this time, if you wanted to see racing you had to go to the circuit. The organizers of the time knew that bringing racing to the people was more valuable to the economy of the motorcycle industry. It was also great marketing for the motorcycle industry outside the major cities.

The Moto Giro is still running today and has grown in popularity over the past few years so that more classes have been added to include motorcycles that don’t fit into the traditional class. The concept has grown as well and now there are three similar events run here in the USA. These events, Moto Giro-USA on the East Coast , Moto Giro California on the West Coast (duh) and the Moto Melee also in California. We’re lucky out here in the west. These events are holding true to the original concept, pre 1958 motorcycles of 175cc’s or smaller. They are multi day events that take you through some of the most beautiful scenery on each coast riding with likeminded nuts. I mean enthusiasts, yeah, that’s the ticket.

So, that brings me to my latest eBay finding, this very nice little Moto Morini Briscola 175. This little bike is in good running and physical shape with only 46,000 miles on its clock. It is typical of Italian styling of the times, smooth, flowing and a bit bulbous where it needs to be. The Briscola model started life in 1953 as a 175cc pushrod OHV single. Built to be reliable most of all and speedy next. In 1956 Moto Morini moved to a new, larger manufacturing facility and that is where this little jewel came from. The little Briscola is ready to ride now. He has started and run it since pulling it out of storage but I think it could still use a bit of going through before taking out on a test ride before the Moto Giro. Also, check out the shape of the tail pipe in the pictures below…pure Italiano. I love it.

Click on the pics below for more info and a number of more pictures. I’ve also added links to the ‘Giro events. I hope to attend one maybe this year if they’ll let me ride my Benelli?


a quick note here, the bike has been pulled from ebay today but I wrote this story and I like the bike. I’m hoping it will come back on. but I hope you will enjoy the pictures, maybe you are the person that owns it or you know who does and maybe it will come up again.


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