A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’62 BSA C15 Single

I had a C15 back in the early 1980’s. However, Someone decided that they liked it more than I did. Yes, it was stolen…right out from under my nose. No kidding.

In 1983 I was working on my ’74 Chevy Nova out in the garage when the ‘it’s lunchtime’ alarm went off in my stomach. Off to the kitchen I went, made some lunch, probably a tuna sandwich and whatever less than healthy food (beer) I could find. Twenty minutes later I walked back out into the garage and noticed that something was a bit different…where is my H2 and where is the old BSA?

Within that 20 minutes somebody decided they liked my motorcycles more than I did. Needless to say I was way pissed off and depressed at the same time. Think about it…I had bought all kinds of parts to restore the C15 and the slime balls that stole the bike didn’t even bother to take the parts that go with it…idiot’s. If you’re going to steal something, at least get all the parts that make it valuable.

So, in my daily peruse of ebay, I find a nice little C15 that mine may have become. It’s got a few flaws but hey, don’t most of us and our motorcycles? This particular C15 is a good runner, it has just been serviced (?), and considering it has been sitting for about 3 decades (thirty years for those of you are that are a bit math challenged), that is a good thing. This little 250 will just chuff along the road, but when that road gets tight and twisty this bike bike becomes way fun. Really, put on a classic old style helmet, your best old school leather jacket (no body armor, ventilation or logo’s all over it) and just motor past big bore bikes that are struggling to slow down before the corner, and you’re doing it with pure class.

The seller has put into his listing some cool pic’s from the era…if you haven’t seen the movie ‘Quadrephenia’, go rent it. It’s a great period piece and a great story.

I like this little bike a lot. There are plenty of resources for parts, remember, a lot of the parts you may need are also available as Triumph Cub parts. The airscoop on the front brake is nice, the tail light is unique and the seat is not the regular seat, but it does work with this bike. The price is so far pretty reasonable and should stay that way. It is a neat little bike that would be a fun Sunday ride or head off to any “Brit Bike’ ride.

Click on the pics below for more nice pictures and a bit more info.

’62 BSA C15


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