A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’70 Honda Trail 70 (CT70)

Yeah, I know it’s the middle of Winter. Here in Southern California that means the temp drops to a ‘bring out the parka because it’s only 55 degrees’. But there are those of you that live in miserable places, my friend Dean Adams (of Superbike Planet) lives up in Minnesota, or maybe it’s Wisconsin, either way he gets upset when I tell him I’m going surfing in the winter… and my inlaws are stuck in New York. All of you have one thing in common…”we have to get out of here”. Mississippi, Florida, Arizona, California…anywhere where it is warmer.

Now is the time to raid the retirement fund, buy yourself a nice motorhome, slap a ‘we’re spending our kids inheritance’ sticker on the back and head to warmer digs. But, when you get to the travel trailer/ motorhome resort, you need a way to get around. A nice little motorbike is just the ticket. You need something that you can hang off the front bumper, some thing that starts with no effort (hey, you’re not a kid anymore…), is quiet (so it doesn’t upset the other old folks during their nap), and maybe you would have to put gas in it once a year or so. A Honda Trial 70 is perfect.

This little bike is easy to load and unload off your home away from home (the RV), is as reliable as, well, a Honda Trail 70. It’s small enough for the little woman to ride, it’s got a luggage rack that you can load up with groceries,firewood and most importantly…refreshing evening beverages. The little Honda Trail 70 will go just about anywhere you need it to…just not on any freeway in the warmer parts of this country…stick to the campground. The handlebars fold in, so sticking on the bumper is easy…what more could you ask for?!

So, I found this nice little Trail 70 on ebay today. It’s a runner, it’s still got mud on it…the owner wants to show that it is a go anywhere do anything motorbike. Dude…just a thought here, clean the bike, it will sell better and for more.

This little Trail 70 been around the block a few times it appears, but like I said before, you can’t kill ’em. It really is a perfect little around the campground go-fer. It is a runner, has had some serious service and the price isn’t all too bad. Come on, get out of your frozen neighborhood, come to the beach and bring your little Honda Trail 70 with you. Click on the pics below for more pictures and a bit more info.

’70 Honda Trail 70 (CT70)


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