A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’61 Matchless G2

At some point in life every true motorcycle lover needs to submit to the love, joy and punishment of owning a classic British single. I know. My step father and his friends corrupted me from an early age. Triumph Tiger Cubs, BSA Gold Star’s and the “your’e trying to kill me” BSA B50MX. That’s how I ended up starting my singles building and racing career on a BSA C15.

As I matured (read, grew older) I wanted something more exotic, maybe something Italian? I looked at Ducati and Moto Guzzi singles but they were way out of my budget. Maybe an Italian Harley/Aermacchi Sprint? Yeah, I still want one. Japanese singles…been there, raced them and crashed them. So, it’s back to my long time love, the classic British one lunger.

AJS, Matchless, Norton, BSA, Triumph, Vincent???…Matchless wins. There is so much to the Matchless history that why wouldn’t you want one? The racing history of the big singles…1907, the first Single to win the Isle Of Man TT with an average speed of, hold your breath here…38mph. There is so much more.

A quick history here. Matchless started back in 1899, actual production in 1901. They continued until 1966. Matchless motorcycle engines powered the Morgan 3 Wheel car back in 1933 (just a fun little tid bit). Matchless was one of the first motorcycle builders to incorporate the swinging arm rear suspension and in 1941 brought out the ‘Teledraulic’ front forks. Both significant steps in motorcycle design.

1938 Matchless joined forces with AJS to form AMC (Associated Motorcycle Manufacturing).That continued into the late 60’s and early 70’s as all the British motorcycle builders were joining efforts to combat the Japanese invasion. In the end, only one was left standing, well…kind of, Triumph.

Matchless motorcycles have a mystique about them that other British makes haven’t been able to meet over the years. The legendary G50 that raced successfully for decades, The G80…Matchless’ legend is exactly that. There is the racing history in all it’s forms…roadracing, scrambles, trials, there is nowhere Matchless hasn’t left it’s mark. And I don’t mean a puddle of oil underneath the bike, which probably will be there. It is English.

So, this morning I found this really nice Matchless 250 on ebay that I thought would be a great bike for someone to start their path into the world of British single cylinder motorcycles. It’s in great condition, a good runner and reasonably priced. Click on the pictures below for more info and more pictures.

’61 Matchless G2


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