A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’71 Honda Trail 90

So, you just retired, decided to hit the open road and bought yourself a motorhome or camper. “Ethel, we’re hitting the road, the kids don’t need our money…” Or maybe, you’re a hunter, fisherman and like to really get back into the remote areas where the huntin’ and fishin’ is the best. Your new camper is the perfect base camp but you need a way to get into the back country or, just to the country store down the road for some cold beer and more bait. The Honda Trail 90 is just about perfect.

The Trail 90 boasts an arm stretching 6.5 horsepower, an auto clutch, a dual range transmission and a step through frame design. What does all that mean for you? Two things, It will get you into the back country with no problems, and…you can send Ethel to get the beer. Yep, it’s easy for anybody to ride. However, Ethel may feel so good riding this Trail 90 that she may come back with a buck instead of the beer.

Really, the Trail 90 is probably one of the best little bikes you could possibly own. It could have sat for months (maybe years??) and still start right up. It’s a Honda 90! Pull the buddy seat off and you have a luggage (read firewood / beer) rack and there are a good number of websites that can help you with whatever parts or advice you may want or need for your new Trail 90.

I found this neat little Honda on ebay today, that needs a little love (not much) but it does have the ‘Buddy Seat’ accessory and the horn works…what more could you ask for? Click on the pics below for more info and pictures and a way to get Ethel to go get the beer. Or, bring back her young buck….

’71 Honda Trail 90


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