A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’72 Honda CB350 Four

This is a bike that everybody should own. TheCB350 Four is a true jewel. This little four cylinder motorcycle purrs like a kitten and then just takes off, it is really one of the most fun motorcycles to ride ever built. It has absolutely no personality. I mean that last comment in a good (?) way…really. I call them sewing machines on two wheels, it’s that smooth. Ironically, the CB350 Twin was actually faster than the Four. The benefit the Four had over the Twin was the smoothness and that it would cruise all day long at 75-80 miles per hour and not even be breathing hard by time you stopped for dinner. The CB350-4 is a perfect little solo tourer and commuter.

The 350-4 was born out of racing. Two of the greatest roadracers, Jim Redmond and Mike ‘The Bike’ Hailwood, won just about everything on Honda’s 350 Fours.In 1965 Jim Redmond was truly dominant on the little 350, winning every race he entered. At that time Soichiro Honda himself believed the 350 four cylinder motorcycle was the perfect combination, light weight, high revving with good power and torque. What more could you ask for?

The little 350 Four was only on the market for two years mainly because it wasn’t a strong seller, pretty much every other 350 out there, including Honda’s 350 twin was faster and in the early 70’s motorcycle sales were based speed, I bought my H2 for that very reason. Another reason for the short life span was that it was just about as expensive to build as the CB750. So in the end, for Honda, the value just wasn’t there.

The CB350-4 was replaced by the CB400F and over the years has risen to cult status while the 350-4 remains the ‘red-headed stepchild’. My personal opinion is that the CB350 Four was also a styling dud, especially when compared to it’s replacement. Still, the 350 has a solid fan base for those that like smaller motorcycles that are fun to ride, economical and trouble free. With a little bit of work you can make these little four bangers go a bit faster and handle really well, a lot of 750 riders are surprised to look in the rearview mirror and see a ‘little’ 350 anxious to pass them on a tight twisty road.

All of this brings me to this neat little great condition CB350 Four I found on e-bay today. It is stock other than the points ignition being replaced by an electronic unit which is always a good thing, the chrome is in great shape and the bike has very low miles. It’s a nice bike and a lot of fun to ride. It’s no speedster but you will have a smile on your face every time you ride it. You can’t go wrong with a low miles Honda four. Click on the pics below for more info and more pictures.

’72 Honda CB350 Four


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