A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’64 Honda CA 72 Dream

The Honda CA72 Dream. 250cc’s of simple fun. Honda has produced over the years so many motorcycles with great names, the ‘Dream’ probably being one of the most memorable. Those of us that are of the grey hair generation remember the ‘Dream’ as a clunky looking piece of ‘Jap Junk’, but in reality it was the starting step to Honda’s bigger quest…not being known for just little bikes…well that, and world domination.

The 250cc Dream Touring was a mild mannered motorcycle based on a 20hp motor that started easily, ran reliably (compared to some of it’s European counterparts), required minimal service and was cheap. You could commute to work, take a weekend trip and so what if it wasn’t all that stylish…girls loved guys that rode motorcycles. Servicemen that had been stationed overseas were bringing these bikes back in droves. My motorcycling life began on a Honda 160 brought back from Japan after my fathers Marine Corps tour.

There were a couple of models of the 250cc model, the CA with it’s 20HP motor, square headlight, pressed steel frame and comfy seating position and then, there was the Super Sport version. Racier seating position due to flatter handlebars, a new tubular frame that incorporated the engine as a stressed member (better handling???) and…a hold on tight 24hp!! Which one was better selling, I’m not sure, numbers are hard to find but I’m betting on the SuperSport.

At that time, Honda was progressing rapidly and the 250 model soon became the 305. I believe it was the 305cc versions that really set Honda on the path to becoming the motorcycle manufacturer to start taking down the British Empire….another story for another time.

Being a big fan of small size Honda’s, I’m always looking for nice examples to either buy and ride, buy and sell, or help sell. I found a really nice ’64 CA 72 Dream this morning on ebay. This bike is really clean. Yes, it shows it’s age a bit, but…if it was an Italian motorcycle of the same vintage I would compare it to Sophia Loren (I don’t know of any Japanese actresses in that same category…sorry), a few scratches here and there but all in all a great little Honda. These bikes are so easy to live with, so much fun to ride (if you don’t push it too hard…but why would you? it’s a small touring bike from 1964…). So far the price is good, the only thing missing…the cool looking white wall tires they came with. Click on the pics below for more info and pictures.

’64 Honda CA 72 Dream


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