A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

1968 Kawasaki W2 650

I spend a lot of time looking at, researching, and fixing old motorcycles. Every now and then I find motorcycles that are good values both for the seller and buyer…this isn’t one of them.

I have written before the virtues and downfalls of the W2 Kawasaki and yet, I really like the bike. Before going into all the history of the W2 I will say this. It is unique, it is rather rare and it would be a cool bike to have in your stable of Sunday riders. And here is where the ‘But’ comes in, this particular bike is simply (not even close) not worth the money the seller wants.

I don’t, and won’t, ever understand why some people think that because something is old it is worth four or five times what it cost new..especially in average ‘used’ condition. The W2 is not a motorcycle that created a whole new class of bikes, nor did set a trend. Did it ride well, yes. Did it help Kawasaki along as a motorcycle manufacturer (compared to its locomotives, airplanes and large ocean going ships building)…not really, the H1 can claim that title.

So, off my soap box I go…I could stand here for hours regarding this sort of delusions of grandeur.
I’m posting this today only because this is the type of mentality that has made getting old motorcycles that may be fun to ride more difficult. This 1968 Kawasaki W2 is a good bike, is it worth $8500.00??…no way. But…give it a quick look and chuckle knowing that no one will buy that bike at that price.

Click on the pics below for more pictures and some more info. then e-mail the guy and tell him you’ll give him $3000, that would be fair. If he paid more than that for it, well….

Kawasaki W2


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