A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

’71 Yamaha G6 S

Here we are again thinking about a neat little bike to put on the front of the motorhome for your summer vacation, or stuff into the trailer full of camping gear. Maybe you just want a neat little bike to bop around town on. And…you don’t want to spend a lot of money and it would be nice if it ran. But at the same time you want a neat little classic. Not your run of the mill Honda Trail 90 or something like that, no…you want a bike that has a cool factor. I think I have the bike for you.

Yamaha has always had cafe racers in their blood, from little bikes ( I mean little) all the way through, and especially, the RD series two strokes. One of my personal favorites is the G6 S model. This little 60cc two stoke has very cool styling and scoots better than most 75 and 90cc models from other manufacturers. It’s super light so you can put it up on the bumper of the motorhome, you can park it next to the door of the local supermarket and nobody is going to get mad…”oh, isn’t it cute…”. The only thing negative about the G6 model…you can’t ride it on the freeway, and why would you want to? It’s too much fun just being a little buzz bomb with lots of style.

I found one on ebay today that needs some love but has great potential. The owner says it ran when it was parked, cosmetically it’s not too bad (the seat needs fixing) and I’d go through the carbs, slip in a new battery and put some newer / better rubber on it. Then my friend you have a perfect little all arounder. Probably gets about 80-90 mpg to boot.

For a little bit more info and a contact number, click on the pic’s below. Oh, the pictures are pretty low quality but you can get a feel for the bike.

1971 Yamaha G6 S


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