A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

1978 Bultaco Streaker

It’s no secret that I have a soft spot in my heart for Bultaco motorcycles…it really should be a soft spot in my head. I raced Bultaco’s for years and for the most part, loved every minute.

Well, there was this one time riding a ‘family’ enduro with the SRA when my Bultaco and I parted company and a woman, riding a Honda Trail 90, that was about my grandmothers age, found me lying in a cactus plant asked me if I needed help. After about twenty minutes of pulling cactus spines out of me, she rode off happy as a clam and I couldn’t get my Matador to start. Good thing I got it going before another Grandma came by and could get it started for me….

After going to the ‘dark side…Honda’ I had a lust for a Bultaco Metralla. I had been riding the 250’s from Spain for a while now, Matador, Pursang and Astro, but the Metralla was what I needed…until I saw the Streaker.

While gathering parts for a Yamaha 250 I was working on, I went across the street to say hello to my old friends at Steve’s Bultaco. I have to put this in here because it’s too great not to. I raced Bultaco’s in the desert and in enduro’s for Steve’s Bultaco in Van Nuys California for a number of years, what I didn’t know was their real company name…you’re gonna love this, ready…’Team Maybe Manana, dba Steve’s Bultaco’.

In the front window of the shop was this beautiful black and gold little repli-racer. The frame was different from anything I had seen before, it had these beautiful gold cast wheels and looked like a jewel with a motor. The Streaker.

The Streaker was a 207lb, 10 HP motorcycle that could get you up to 75mph and carry you through most 30mph corners at that speed. It is a truly gorgeous motorbike. Everything about the Streaker said “You want me, I know you do, I may be small but I can do things your Honda’s, Yamaha’s and Triumphs can’t….you will love me”. Sadly, at that time in life there was no way I could buy a new motorcycle, but I have carried that vision of the Streaker in my heart for decades.

I found one!!! On ebay this morning I came across a Streaker in really quite good condition. Yes it show’s it’s age but, like Sophia Loren, wears it well. The bike is completely original, has only 712 miles on it and the original tires ( I don’t care if the owner says they look fine, replace them…). The owner has also given a lot of information about the bike and Bultaco in general, it’s a good read, better than that it’s a good bike and I hope will go for a reasonable price. It does need a little love but not much and in the end will be well worth the money.

For more of the story, pictures and info, click on the pics below. Maybe you can outbid me? Probably not.

1978 Bultaco Streaker


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