A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

Honda CB1100F Super Sport

I spent a lot of years and over 120,000 miles on a 1980 CB750F. I bought it ‘new’ three weeks after my daughter was born. I was able to get it because my wife at the time was still dealing with a new baby and her favorite phrase at the time was “sure, whatever”. I couldn’t get to the dealer fast enough. I rode it home, she looked at it and said ” I hope it’s better than your other bikes”. I loved that bike.

A couple of years later my good friend Jim Gaver (who makes the most beautiful fly fishing rods on the planet) bought a CB900F. I lusted after that bike. It had more power, and more power is good according to Tim Allen . As I look back though, the power was the desire, but honestly,that was it. I could ride Angeles Crest Highway just as fast as Jim on my 750, it wasn’t until the road straightened out that the 900 showed it’s strength. Then in 1983 came the CB1100F. The game changed.

From the March 1983 issue of Motorcyclist magazine regarding the CB1100F, “The best ‘Superbike’ Motorcyclist magazine has ever tested”

Superbike racing in the US was huge, it truly was the time of ‘Win on Sunday, sell on Monday’. ‘Fast Freddie Spencer’ took the Honda to the top right off the bat. True, his racer was based on the CB900F, but the 1100F came from that bike. There were a lot changes from the 900F to the 1100F model.

The CB1100F was bred out of the racer. Chassis changes, as in new frame geometry, added gussetting, bigger forks, the box section swing arm (vs, the old style round tubing version…which is why all of us that still have CB-F models search endlessly for the Cal-Fab swing arm), cast wheels instead of the pieced together comstar wheels and better suspension. Then there were the motor changes. Bigger carbs, different cams, upped compression ratios and a few other mods.

The CB1100F came as an answer to Kawasaki and Suzuki’s litre class bikes. Both of them were faster, but Honda built a motorcycle that could do it all. As a sportbike, the CB1100F handled better than it’s competition, was more comfortable to ride (when I say comfortable, I mean you could do more with less effort on the CB-F series bikes than the others), and the motor was tuned just perfectly for everyday riding, Sunday canyon riding and, sport touring. The CB1100F really could do triple duty without even breaking a sweat.

The CB1100F is a truly fantastic motorcycle, one I would love to have, if only I had enough room in my barn for one.

Again, this is one of those bikes that I would say to you, “Buy the bike, fly to the closest airport (carrying everything you need in a pair of soft saddlebags),throw them over the seat, put on your riding gear and take the really long way home. You will be glad you did.

Click on the pics below for more pictures and information about this bike.

Honda CB1100F


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