A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

1974 Honda CL200

“Hey Ethel, call the kids and tell ’em we’re comin’ for a visit…and tell ’em not to worry, we’re not gonna stay at their house again. Tell ’em you’re allergic to their cat or some other BS…I just hate her cookin’. Tell ’em we’re gonna bring the RV and stay at the KOA”.

“While you’re doin’ all that, I’ll go out and charge the battery, flush out the tanks and see if that old motorcycle in the yard will run…it’ll be just like the old days, you an’ me just travelin’, riding that ‘ol bike around, an’ maybe we can do what we did on that trip through Iowa?”

Yes, it’s that time of year, time to hit the road. Some of us do it on a bike, some do it in a big ass motorhome with a satellite dish on top and then there are those that balance the two. They have an old small size motorcycle they load up on the bumper rack of their camper and head off to see the kids in Kansas or all the National Parks in the western US.

As it turns out, the bike in the story above didn’t run. The tires had rotted out years ago, field mice had set up a small colony under the seat and, Ethel said “there ain’t no way I’m doin’ that again on that old ‘POS’, if you want me to do that, you need to get a bigger better bike!”

So to help out ‘ol Fred, I found him a really nice classic Honda on ebay that will fit on his bumper rack, get him from the KOA to the kids house and back again. It might also inspire Ethel? It’s a 1974 Honda CL200 Scrambler in really good condition. These are very cool motorbikes.

Starting back in 1968 Honda had been very successful with the CB/CL series of motorcycles in 1974 they upped the 175 to 200, it lasted one year. We American’s kept wanting bigger. The 350’s grew to 360’s and the smaller bikes faded away. Until now. There is wonderful resurgence of interest in smaller bikes. Partly due to higher gas prices, but there is also some cult status being attached to these bikes by younger riders. The bikes are generally inexpensive, easy to ride and maintain and get great gas mileage. Best of all they are fun to ride.

Back to Fred and Ethel, this CL200 I found on ebay today is in good condition , actually very good condition for its age (we all show our age a bit at some point in life), has a new battery, the carbs have been rebuilt, has relatively low miles (6826), and it has a genuine 1970’s sissy bar that Ethel can lean against and not worry about Fred hittin’ the gas too hard and dumping her off the back. This is a one owner bike and selling at a good price. It is the perfect bike for around town or loading up on the front bumper and checking out all the National Parks… to heck with visiting the kids, just send ’em some post cards.

Click on the pic’s below for more info and pictures. Oh, and one more thing…I have seen these turned into very cool cafe racers. You knew I had to throw that in somewhere, right?

1974 Honda CL200


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