A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

1951 Capriolo 100cc

After World War 2 most all of the German and Italian manufacturers that had anything to do with the war effort were banned from making planes, airplane motors, military hardware…you name it, they couldn’t make it. A number of the companies went on to make cars, refrigerators, toasters, motorcycles and radios (that was Ducati…).

One of the biggest was Aeromere which then became Aero-Caproni. Most of these companies (BMW, Ducati,MV Agusta, and Aermacchi) actually went into motorbikes and scooters because affordable transportation was important at that time…kind of like now…

Small size motorbikes were big business until…the Fiat 500 arrived on the scene. Now you had a small car that would protect you from the weather, get good gas mileage, easy to park and you could take your girlfriend on date and not mess up her hair. The Fiat wasn’t much bigger than your average motorbike. Italians went for the 500 big time and a number of the motorcycle manufacturers started struggling.

Today, small bore Italian bikes have a great value in the marketplace, sometimes they are found just laying out in a field, others are sitting under a blanket in your great uncle’s garage in New Mexico. There are events centered around these bikes, the Moto Giro d’Italia is the premier showcase for these bikes, there is also a version here in California September 30 – October 2, I’m getting my little Benelli ready for that one!! Heres the link if you want to go http://www.girodcalifornia.com

Today I found a perfect candidate for the ride or for your collection on ebay. This is a really neat little 1951 Capriolo that was restored at a well respected shop in Italy and then shipped over here. It is really beautifully done and I believe ready to ride. The price seems pretty reasonable compared to others I have seen of late so click on the pics below for a bit more info and pictures…and then I’ll see you on the Giro D’ California this fall. My Benelli will be faster than your Capriolo…

1951 Capriolo 100


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