A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

1970 Yamaha YDS6B

Hey, you need this bike. Well, you need it if you’re the type that likes vintage two-strokes that have a racing pedigree. I have spent a good amount of time with Yamaha RD series motorcycles and have wrung the daylights out of a CB350 trying to keep up with an R5 Yamaha. The Yamaha street going two strokes of that era were truly race bred.

These little sleds were fast for their size, out handled anything else from the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ and could give bikes twice their size fits on a tight twisty road. Early styling was a bit iffy but by time YDS6 model showed up, you wouldn’t be embarrassed to ride one to school or to your local Sunday hangout.

And now for a quick little ‘Motoworld’ history lesson…what would one these posts be without that?! “Sherman, set the ‘Wayback Machine’ for Japan 1957”. “Ok Mr. Peabody, but what’s back there?” “The early stages of a great motorcycle racing dynasty Sherman”. “Does that mean I’ll get to ride a motorcycle Mr. Peabody?” “No Sherman, you have a tough enough time on the 10cent pony ride outside the supermarket”

The YDS was actually based on the YD racers of the late 1950’s, over the years came the TD series and eventually the all-conquering TZ’s. Through the 1960’s Yamaha basically sold over the counter racers, you could go to your dealer and if you had the money (you didn’t really need a good resume’ back then, just the $$$ and a good relationship with the owner). Buy the bike, stock it had around 28hp and was good for about 85mph (remember we are talking about a 250 here), then you bought the race kit which brought up the HP but there was still one small problem…these bikes were not what you would call reliable. There is lot’s of info available on the net if you want to know more of the details but basically is was lower end bearing failures and seizures. Yamaha did a good job of addressing the problems and like I said came out with the TZ’s which are still to this day fantastic motorcycles.

In the hands of Jarno Sarrinen, Kel Carruthers, ‘King’ Kenny Roberts, and many more, the Yamaha little two strokes were, and in vintage racing today, awesome motorcycles.

Now onto this really neat little bike I found on ebay this weekend. It’s a YDS6B 250 in really good condition (yes, it does need a little love…mostly just some elbow grease) and the bonus here…it’s comes with a pee-load of parts!!! The owner has a great deal of info regarding the work that has been done and a lot of pictures showing what comes with the bike. This IS a great bike for a conversion to a proper Cafe’Racer. Really all you would need would be a set of ‘clubmans’, maybe move the foot pegs back, upgrade the suspension at each end, some nice sticky rubber and you will have a great vintage ride.

Click on the pics below for a lot more info and good pictures. Hurry up, this bike is a great deal.

1970 Yamaha YDS6B


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