A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

1988 Yamaha Big Wheel 80

Picture 17Dear Santa,

I have been a really good boy this year. I quit wetting the bed, I picked up my toys when I was done playing with them (most of the time), and I always ate my vegetables (I still don’t like peas). I didn’t talk back to my mom or dad (or my teacher), I didn’t interrupt them when they were on the phone (my mom is always on the phone), and I said my prayers every night. I was even nice to my big sister, even though I think her new boyfriend is a jerk, I would call him something else but my mom washes my mouth out with soap when I use bad language.

Anyway Santa, I only want one thing for Christmas this year, a motorcycle. See, my dad goes riding on his motorcycle with his friends almost every weekend and I’m stuck at home with my mom. I mean, I love my mom but, after a while…I mean, you know, I’d rather hang out with my dad and his friends cuz they do cool stuff.

Santa, if you bring me a motorcycle for Christmas I promise to be even better next year, I’ll even let my grandma kiss me…yuck Grandma kisses are weird.
Your friend,
ps, I know a motorcycle might be hard to fit in your sleigh but you’re Santa, you can do anything!

Well dad, there you have it, you know what you need to do. Little Throckmorton wants a motorcycle so he can be just like you. Scary thought huh?Picture 18
So, you go to the local dealer and buying the kid a ‘new’ bike means you don’t get one this year, never a good plan. One of your riding buddies has a friend that has a cousin that wants to sell his kids old bike, which you know has been ridden to death, another bad idea. And, on top of all that, mom thinks Throckmorton is too young to have a motorcycle. What do mom’s know anyway. By the way, the picture to the right is how your son sees you…the coolest of the cool.

Picture 16Well, I have found the answer to your dilemma right on ebay…it was so easy. I found this little Yamaha BW80, the BIG WHEEL 80. These bikes are so easy to ride. First and foremost it has a nice easy to use three speed transmission with an automatic clutch, so simple even Throckmorton can use it. Next, those big fat tires…stability city my friend. Third, these little bikes are so durable even your daughters boyfriend couldn’t kill it. Yeah, these bikes are slow but that is how you convince the wife to let Santa bring it.

The BW80 I found is in ready to go, will look great under the Christmas tree and you don’t have to do anything but figure out how to add one more motorcycle in the garage. Hey, it’s little and you will have a best buddy for life…’Santa’.

Click on the pic’s below for more info and more pictures. This little bike really is sweet and I would venture as good or better than new for a lot less $$$$

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 31988 Yamaha Big Wheel 80


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