A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

1974 Honda CB125S

Attention all ‘Snowbirds’, and you know who you are. You’re sitting at home in Fargo, North Dakota or Way Too Cold, Minnesota and here is the conversation at the breakfast table…
“Hubert, it’s too damn cold here and I’m getting tired of looking at nothing but snow for six months”.
“Now Ethel, it ain’t all that bad”.
“Hubert, I’m telling you that if you don’t get me the hell out of here right now…”

So, Hubert, you go out and buy yourself a good used motorhome and decide to head to Arizona. You can stay at one of the KOA’s you’ve heard about, keep Ethel happy and save your marriage. Now the question comes, how are you going to get around once you’ve settled in to your new digs there in Tucson? You can’t tow your big dually pickup behind the motorhome and you spent all your extra money on the motorhome so you can’t buy another car…what’s a poor old frozen boy with a very cold wife (in so many ways) to do?? Hubert, the answer is easy, get yourself a motorcycle. Picture 3

You need a motorcycle that you can put on the bumper, it has to be light and easy to ride and will give you an escape from Ethel when you need it. And, it’s got to be affordable because you’ve already spent your kids inheritance on the Winnebago.

I found the perfect motorcycle for you this morning on ebay. A really nice little Honda CB125. Now the little 125 isn’t all that fast (top speed is only about 65mph, fast enough though to get away when Ethel starts talking about how she misses the snow?), and it’s light and easy to ride. The Honda 125 is probably one of the most popular motorcycles ever made. I have seen the CB125 used by Police departments in Mexico, pizza delivery in Italy and college kids in California. Picture 6

The little Honda I found is a 1974 model with only 2526 miles on it. The bike has been stored for quite a while and the owner has put all the work into it to get it back up and running. It will need a new battery and new tires and it is missing the side covers but hey, that’s all easy stuff. There is one thing about the little Honda singles, you need to change the oil at least every 1000 miles if not more like 700 or so, it’s just one of those things about this bike but when you’re only putting in a couple of quarts…no big deal, effort or money wise. It is showing a bit of ‘use’, there a few nicks and dents here and there but hey, you’re going to do more damage to it bumping into parking lot posts and gas station awnings, don’t worry about it. This seems a great little motorbike for the money.

Click on the pics below for more info and pictures. And tell Ethel, it’s something that even she can ride around the KOA and into town…for when she needs an escape from you.

Picture 2And I can’t resist this…they make really cool cafe racers.

Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 101974 Honda CB125S


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