A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

1973 MV Agusta Mini Bike

Picture 13Little Throckmorton asked Santa for a motorcycle this Christmas. At first he wanted a dirt bike so he could go out on weekends with his dad then, he saw a roadracing picture. “That’s for me” he said…”dirt is for planting potatoes, pavement is for racing”. Now what are you going to do? You, dad, either switch to roadracing so you can spend weekends with your son or you do your very best to convince him he still wants a dirtbike…good luck with that one. I have an idea for you, get him a good used little mini roadracer and you keep your dirt bike. You may only have to give up one weekend a month but it will be worth it.

Mini roadracing is incredibly popular all over the country. Most mini or pocket bike races are held on go-kart tracks and are great family events. It is so much fun watching little kids and occasionally big kids (or adults that just act like kids) flying around the track on these little roadracers.Picture 14 Today while searching ebay for cool bike oriented Christmas stuff I came across this MV Agusta replica mini racer that would be so much fun for little Throckmorton.

The story behind the repli-racer is MV Agusta built a one off mini bike for Phil Read’s son. Phil Read was the factory MV rider that went on to win the 500 cc World Championship that year. Well, when the public saw the little bike, everyone wanted one. The bike was made in two versions, the 8″ wheel size for little tikes and the 10″ wheel size for bigger kids. Both versions were powered by a Franco Morini 50cc 2 stroke motor with a ‘Variator’ transmission (basically a single speed), I believe that there was also a 12″ wheel version also made that had a proper clutch and transmission. Nobody seems to know how many of these bikes were made back in the seventies but most are guessing around 2000?

The little MV I found today is a little rough and needs some love. It needs a windscreen, which might be a bit tough to find and if you really want to put the $$$ into it, repaint it. But…little Throckmorton is going to be racing this around so get a windscreen but leave the rest alone so that when it ends up on its side (which it will) you won’t feel too bad. It is a very cool little roadracer and certainly not your average pocketbike. Click on the pics below for more pictures and a little more info.

Picture 11
Picture 3
Picture 5
Picture 101973 MV Agusta Mini Bike


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