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Kawasaki Ninja Long Johns

Picture 6Wives, listen up. We all know your husband is nuts. He spends more time with his damn motorcycle than he does with you and your five kids (can you blame him? really). He rides his bike every day to work, he goes riding every weekend with his other biking buddies and subscribes to every motorcycle magazine there is, he especially likes Easy Riders Magazine and he doesn’t even own a Harley?!

He rides when it’s 104 degrees outside, he rides in the rain, the fool even rides when it snows and your mother keeps asking you why you married him…you ask yourself that same question every day.Picture 8 He’ll sit outside in the garage when it’s three degrees below zero putting on a new chain, bleeding the brakes or polishing the fairing on his beloved Ninja for the umpteenth time. He’s nuts. But you love him and it’s Christmas time, you need to get him something special, something meaningful, something warm. I found the perfect gift for the guy that rides a Ninja.

It’s cold where I live here this morning so while sitting here at my computer looking through ebay in my non-heated office, I kept putting on more layers until I look like Charlie Brown in winter. I looked through headlights, motors, fenders, hat pins, and then I found it…what every true Kawasaki Ninja owner needs in the winter…Genuine Kawasaki Ninja Long Johns!! These are the real deal.

Yep, good old real long john’s with the flap in the back and everything. The cool (actually warm) thing about long johns is that you don’t get cold air rushing down your shorts when you’re riding and you can walk around the house in them and everybody will just laugh at you…let ’em laugh you’re warm…and stylin’.

I found these on ebay this morning, yeah they have been worn once and washed afterwards..considering they were worn by a Ninja owner back in the 80’s you might want to ask about skid marks? All joking aside, this is a pretty cool (warm) christmas present idea for the guy that loves his Ninja.Click on the pics below for more info.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3Kawasaki Ninja Long Johns


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