A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

1960 Ducati Bronco

Picture 10We are told it is better to give than receive right? In some cases I agree. But, we also have to give to ourselves, nourish the soul…or just plain ol’ be a bit selfish. I believe in winter motorcycle projects, especially for those of you that have a shortened riding season. I believe in them for those of us that live in year round geographies as well. There is nothing more soul satisfying than come spring time after endless ebay searches, forum chats, begging and pleading for a treasured part, than to roll your project out into the sunlight for the first time.

As some of you know, I am working on a project bike to ride the MotoGiro California this next year and I have also helped a couple of friends find motorbikes that are appropriate. Today I found a great candidate on ebay…a Ducati Bronco.

Picture 13The Bronco is a very simple little 125 cc pushrod motored motorbike with typical Ducati styling. It’s lightweight,only 227lbs, put out an arm stretching 6.5 HP and has a top speed of somewhere around 55mph (downhill with a tailwind…). The little Ducati was actually designed for some off-road duty so was equipped with 16″ semi knobby tires and a duplex cradle frame. It’s perfect for the Giro d’ California. Actually, if you’re really ambitious, do the MotoGiro d’ Italia!Picture 18

The Bronco I found on ebay this morning could either be a pretty easy project or could turn into more. Overall the bike is in pretty good shape. It doesn’t run at this time and looking at the pictures it looks like it may need some electrical parts. The seller says it does turn over with good compression (?), he says it needs a kickstand but it looks to me that it needs a kick start lever? All in all it looks to be a neat little bike that should clean up nicely and hopefully with not too much work be a fun little rider. Click on the pics below for a contact.

To get parts for this Bronco or any other vintage Ducati check with my friend Steve Allen at www.bevelheaven.com

Picture 1
Picture 3
Picture 21960 Ducati Bronco


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