A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

1968 Triumph T100C Trophy

triumph logo When I bought my first Triumph T100 back in the early 1980’s I instantly fell in love. I had been riding Bonneville’s for years but all of a sudden the ‘Baby Bonnie’ was for me, the perfect motorbike. It was light, nimble, loved to rev, and was just too much fun to ride. The T100 was everything I loved about my Bonneville’s and less…less being more here.

A good friend, who was also a Bonneville fan, took my little T100 for a ride one day…five hours later he brought it back. He too loved the smaller size and the lighter weight but what got him was how the little 500 loved revving. Tim and I had both ridden Triumph ‘Desert Sleds’ years back and he still had one of his and rode it occasionally but now, he wanted a 500 to ride in vintage races.Picture 11

A month later, give or take a few days, Tim showed up at my house aboard a pretty ratty T100C, Triumphs scrambler version of the T100R. Knobby tyres, upswept exhaust pipes on one side, single carb and wider bars…looked like a lot of fun to me. Tim let me take it for a ride, I brought it back in less than 5 hours, and was absolutely in love again. The bikes were so different, but so much the same. Both T100’s love to rev but the ‘C’ model a little less so than the ‘R’ but the ‘C’ had more low and mid range power which gave it more of a ‘dual sport’ feeling. The single carb motor was smooth and torquey, and the brakes were almost as good as my Daytona model. The T100c didn’t have a tach but you don’t really need one on this bike, when it stops making power…shift. Simple.

Cycle magazine gave the T100C a good review saying it was equally good on tight bumpy trails and in sand. Tim did eventually strip it down, the bike went from 350 lbs down to a svelte 290 and became a much better ‘sled’ than his 650.Picture 3

Today while cruising ebay I found a very nice, not perfect but very nice, T100C Trophy Scambler. The bike has 9407 miles on the clock (not too much really), has been upgraded with an electronic ignition, got some tyres and brakes and is a good runner. It really only needs a couple of things…the heat shields for the exhaust and a good cleaning. This is a super fun motorcycle and the seller is asking a very reasonable price. If you want to treat yourself to a nice Christmas present, this is it. Make sure you check it with the wife first. Click on the pic’s below for more info and more pictures.

Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 71968 Triumph T100C Trophy


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