A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale


Picture 4Believe it or not, often times less is more. Yeah, there is nothing quite like the rumble of a big V-Twin, the scream of a high revving two stroke triple, the roar of an inline four, or the thump of a big single. But, there are times that the song of a little (not even freeway legal) single or twin is pure music to your ears. Add to that a style that launched a whole generation of riders and you have the making of a true classic. Honda, better than anyone in the ’60’s, knew how to do just that.

THe Honda ‘Dream’ was a big bike by ‘then current’ standards, but Honda needed something in between the little ‘You meet the nicest people on a Honda’ 50cc step-thru bikes and the ‘bigger’ 160’s and 305’s. The 90 was perfect. Picture 2

The 90cc CA200 was light at just 188 pounds, put out a whopping 6.5 horsepower, could top 55 mph, get nearly 100 miles per gallon of regular gas and was quite stylish. Honda took the successful style of the ‘Dream’ model and the comfort of the ‘Benly Touring’ model and simply put a smaller motor in it. It worked!! The CA200 was one of Honda’s best sellers.It was the perfect transition bike for most riders of the time.

I found a really nice one on ebay today. Not too many miles, generally really nice condition…ok, it needs a bit of touch up here and there (the owner primered the top of the tank and there are a few dents here and there…) but, all in all pretty darn nice. This is the kind of bike that goes perfect on a motorhome bumper rack (it is that time of years ya know..), it’s also a very cool get around campus bike for the freshman at University in your family…chicks dig guys that don’t have big motorcycles to match their big ego’s. Well, maybe they do, but, I’m just dreaming here. I think the cool factor of this little Honda goes way beyond ego.

Click on the pics below for more info and more pictures. This really is a very cool little motorcycle. And, reasonably priced I might add.

Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 71964 Honda CA200 Touring


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