A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

1975 BMW R90S

Picture 8This bike is so easy to write about because I have an R90S and absolutely love it! And, my S model has a similar story. When I found mine it had been buried underneath a mountain of boxes full of vintage radio parts for about seventeen years. I was there to buy an old radio but I noticed some old motorcycles being rolled out of the garage and into a truck and a van. “What’s going on?” I asked. “My wife told me to start cleaning out the garage” said Mr. Radio. I stood there slack jawed watching a Vincent Black Shadow roll into the back of an old Ford Econoline, a Norton International roll into a U-Haul trailer and an old sidevalve K model Harley sitting in the driveway waiting for its new owner.

Mr. Radio, proceeded to show me a couple more motorcycles that had been buried for decades and one of them happened to be an R90s that he had fitted an R100RS fairing to, but no fuel tank. “Where’s the tank?” he pointed up into the rafters and there sat a beautifully painted ‘Smoke Grey’ tank. We worked out the price and the BMW went home with me that day. I think the radio is still in his garage.Picture 2

The BMW R90s is the first AMA Superbike Champion motorcycle. Granted, it is not the basic 58HP R90s but the regular R90s is an incredible motorcycle. I believe that it is the ‘Superbike that will do everything’. I have put thousands of miles on it across the western US and it is my daily commuter (when I’m not riding my son’s Honda Hawk…which I confiscated from him when he wasn’t looking…).

I found this really nice ’75 model on ebay today, it has only 19K miles on it, has been gone through front to back…new tires,battery,shocks, etc. This is a really great bike. It is the beautiful ‘Daytona Orange’, which, I wish mine was. The current ebay price of the bike is about right considering the low mileage. This is definitely a ‘buy, fly, ride home’ bike.

Click on the pictures below for more pics and more info. Honestly, this is a great bike to have and ride

Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 141975 BMW R90S


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