A bit of history and some stories about vintage bikes for sale

1968 Harley Davidson FLH Electra Glide

Picture 151968 was the end of an era for ‘The Motor Company’, in 1969 they merged with AMF, American Manufacturing and Foundry. Here is where I stand on my soap box for a moment. In the case of the merger (takeover/sellout) with Harley Davidson it meant ‘Adios Mother F#@*&%R’. AMF made great bowling alleys and pool tables but lousy motorcycles. End of Rant.

Picture 3To me Harley Davidson is one of the most unique companies in the world. For better or worse. Harley Davidson did more than build motorcycles they built a ‘brand’. Willie G Davidson said it himself,”It’s not just a motorcycle, it’s a lifestyle”. Nobody has done that better…not even the Grateful Dead.

Yeah, Harley tried to appeal to everyone, at one point, by bringing small displacement motorbikes into the American market but that effort went over like a fart in church. Importing motorbikes from Italy, and even though they were really good little motorbikes, diluted Harley’s focus but never the image.

When ‘The Motor Company’ finally extricated themselves from AMF (which really became the ‘Adios Mother F*&^%#R’ act) The focus was back and Harley Davidson started building what the faithful wanted. Big, heavy, statements…”I ride a Harley”.Picture 9

I found on ebay this morning a really beautiful 1968 FLH. The beauty of this FLH is not all the chrome (who in their right mind would want to spend all the time required to polish all that???) but the fact that it is the last of a generation. Pre AMF. This motorcycle is a true classic Harley Davidson. This an FLH that you would truly love to ride across the country on Route 66.

This FLH on ebay seems to be reasonably priced and well loved. Want a true American Classic? Click on the pics below for more pictures and information. And have a great ride.

Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 131968 Harley Davidson FLH


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