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Old Motorcycle Book

Picture 24It’s a Holly Jolly Christmas, it’s a Happy Time of year…
Those of us in the Vintage Motorcycle World always know that one of our friends needs something for some project he or she is working on. Yes, there are a lot of women working on bikes and, doing a damn fine job I might add.

Some times knowing what they need or want is easy because they have been dropping hints since July, or you have ridden with them so many times and they have always had to borrow something from somebody that you know what they need. But, there is always that one person on your moto-gift list that you really can’t think of what to get them for Christmas. They have every tool known to man, more GPS units than they have motorcycles, heated insoles for their boots and a pre-paid entry to the Iron Butt Rally. You ask their significant other, you ask their kids, you even talk to his mother-in-law and nobody is of any help.

Picture 31Let’s think about this for a minute, your friend has spent hours in the garage working on a tiny little part… shaving 1000th of an inch off a cam lobe, rattling around a pound of ball bearings inside an old rusty gas tank, rebuilding a Mikuni VM34, its winter time and this what we do. It’s his love of old motorcycles that sends him out there, and now its time go inside, sit by the fire, have a dram of good Scotch and pick up a good book.

A Stephen King horror? no. Peter Egan’s Leanings? already read them. Jupiters Travels? maybe. Here is where you come in. You get your friend something completely off the radar. A book written about motorcycle travel long before we were born (well, at least most of us) that makes for entertaining reading while sitting by the fire with a good Scotch.

I found a cool book on ebay this afternoon that I think would be a great Christmas present for that friend. Written in 1912 it is a perfect sit by the fire read. And after you’re done reading it, pass it along. This should be a traveling book…traveling amongst friends for years to come.

Click on the pic below for a really cool present for somebody, even yourself.

Picture 19
Picture 20
Picture 21Classic Motorcycle Book


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