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’84 BMW R100

Touring simplified. Take one stone reliable motorcycle, add a pair of saddlebags and hit the road. Life doesn’t really get much better.

Most all of us, at one time or another, have gone the simplified touring route. My first tour was on a little Honda 350 with a small duffle bag strapped to the seat crammed with some basic camping essentials and a clean pair of skivvies. It was a great trip that started me on a life of moto-touring.

Since those days I have travelled a lot of miles without the aid of every electro-gizmo on the planet, air assisted suspension and a cup holder attached to the handlebar or fairing big enough to park a VW behind. I did finally buy a tank bag and a pair of soft saddlebags that have graced a number of motorcycles and, still do touring duty.

Most of my traveling friends, for years, have all ridden bikes equipped with hard saddlebags. I was a bit envious at times but, at the same time, I liked my old throw over bags. Until…I learned the true value of hard saddlebags.

After that I had to have hard bags…attached to a good “vintage’ touring bike. Hence I bought my BMW, with…the stock BMW hard bags/ beer coolers. So, I found on ebay this really nice R100 BMW ready to go anywhere. Naked touring. You could throw on a small fairing or windscreen for a little more comfort, but you know what, this is great just as it is. Only 30,000 miles, just serviced, new tires, brakes and fork fluid, it’s ready to go. This another of those bikes I call a ‘ buy, fly and ride ‘…buy it, fly to wherever it is, and ride it home. There is one other nice feature about this bike, the dual plug heads. The dual plug conversion has a number of benefits that make riding your BMW more enjoyable and will help the motor last a bit longer. Adding the dual plug set up allows you to use regular fuel instead of premium (saves you $$$ in the long run), the bike starts easier and quicker (especially in cold weather), it can up the performance (if you add hi-comp pistons and some other ignition mods),it looks cool and, it increases the value of the bike.

If you’re looking for a bike that is a great platform for any kind of riding…touring, cafe racing, attaching a sidecar, whatever… this ’84 BMW R100 is a really great bike and a good value. Click on the pics below for more info.

’84 BMW R100