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1976 Honda CJ360T Cafe Racer

Picture 10Owning a small fleet of Honda 350’s it’s pretty clear I am a bit partial to the Honda Twins. Reliable, quick enough to get out of their own way, easy to modify and parts are still readily available. The little Honda twins have been turned into choppers, travelers, cafe racers, put on the bumper rack of a motorhome and for some weirdo’s..left completely stock?

Honda had come out with the CB350/4 and the 400/4 Supersport, both have become serilus cult bikes but at the time there were still those that liked the simplicity of the basic Honda twin. The CB350 was actually only 325cc and was a bit long in the tooth so in 1974 Honda pumped it up to 357cc, gave it a disc brake up front, a six speed transmission, and modernized the styling a little. However, with the changes came a price increase that kept the 360 from being the strong seller Honda was hoping for. In 1976 Honda addressed the problem with the CJ360T, back to the basics. Honda brought the price down to an affordable number for the entry rider by changing to a drum brake up front, tried and true five speed trans, kick start only (electric start was eliminated and cannot be retro-fitted), 2 into 1 exhaust and styling more like the 400/4…it sold pretty well and has become a very popular platform for an easy to do Cafe Racer project.Picture 9

I found a very nicely done CJ360 on ebay this morning. This CJ has all the proper cafe treatments but kept the motor and exhaust stock. The bikini fairing looks great and the paint job is cafe correct. Here’s what I would do though…new shocks in the back, upgrade the tires, and get a sweet little shorty muffler (maybe a nice cheap JC Whitney reverse cone muff). This will a very fun bike to ride on Sunday mornings. The seller has given a good description of what has been done to the bike and has lot’s of pictures. I’m going to use some of his mod’s on my own CB350 Cafe project. Click on the pics below for more info and more pictures. This is ready to go very cool little Honda twin.

Picture 11
Picture 15
Picture 131976 Honda CJ360T Cafe Racer