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’75 Honda CB750

How often do you find an unrestored, virtually new, stone stock motorcycle on ebay? Not all that often. But, there is one today and it’s a beauty. My old friend Bud had one exactly like this one, same year, color and his was in about the same condition…that is until he made a very nice Cafe style bike out of it. Bud kept all the original parts wrapped up in blankets, packed in boxes and stashed away, which turned out to be a smart move when he finally sold the CB.

Honda redefined motorcycling in 1969 with the CB750. The big Honda put out a whopping sixty seven horsepower that would easily take you over ‘the ton’, a front disc brake (the first on production based motorcycles) that would haul you down from those lofty speeds with ease, and all of it at a price of only $1495. The term Superbike was coined to fit the mighty Honda 750. Through its ten year lifespan, 1978 being the last year of the SOHC model, the CB750 underwent few changes…’if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

I found this absolutely beautiful 1975 CB750 on ebay today and honestly, looking at the pictures you’d swear you were looking at a new bike..it’s just missing the nubs on the tires. With only 7750 miles on the odometer, it’s barely broken in. This is a bike that I personally would leave just as it came from the factory. The SOHC CB750 is still to this day one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever built. The CB has a rock solid reputation for reliability that would make planning a long trip with it a no brainer. The bike is located in Oregon, which to me means…road trip. Buy the bike, pack up your riding gear, get a Greyhound bus ticket to Fairview Oregon and then have a great ride home. It’s a perfect time for traveling in the west.

The owner doesn’t give a lot of description but I think in this case the pictures tell you most of the story. Click on the pics for the rest of the photo’s and a way to contact the owner.

A side note here, the cafe racer pictured above is not my friend Bud’s, it belongs to Steve ‘Carpy’ Carpenter, the CB750 Cafe Racer genius.

’75 Honda CB750