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1954 Victoria Bergmeister

It’s sad to see some motorcycles that were beautifully built only last a couple of years and then away they go. This Victoria V35 Bergmeister is a perfect example.

Victoria Motorcycles started out like many company’s making motorcycles by making bicycles. Victoria’s two wheelers started in 1886 and became motorized in 1901. Originally, Victoria built the frames but sourced engines from other manufacturers, FN and Horex as examples. Victoria motorcycles were very popular through the 1920’s and 30’s with good successes in racing, particularly in the mountain races and hillclimbs. In 1926 A Victoria motorcycle set the world speed record at 165KPH.Because of the racing victory’s in the mountains, 1933 brought a new model, the Bergmeister, which means ‘Mountain Champion’.

Along came World War Two. Production shifted to smaller motorcycles built for the military. In 1945, the Victoria factory was bombed by the allied forces and almost nothing was left. But at war’s end, they started rebuilding. Again, it was with small motorcycles and larger bikes with engines again sourced from the likes of BMW, Horex and Columbus.

In 1951 the top German designer, Richard Kuchen, came to Victoria and started with a fresh sheet of paper and designed a new Bergmeister.
This new model featured a very compact V-Twin design of 350cc. The intent was to fit it between the BMW and Horex singles of the time and, the larger Boxer Twins of Zundapp and BMW. The motorcycle was so sturdy and strong that it was well suited for sidecar use. It had 21 horsepower, good for its time and size.

The thing that really stands out about this motorcycle is the engine. When you look closely at it, you don’t see any intake runners, carburetor, air cleaner or battery…they’re all inside. The motor really looks like something out of a Flash Gordon Saturday matinĂ©e episode. I really like it. The running gear consists of a four speed chain driven transmission and a shaft final drive. All built to last. Typically German.

But there was a fly in the ointment. The design and prototype process started in 1951 but the bike didn’t make it to market until 1954 and when it did it was already behind the curve of what was being built by other German motorcycle makers and because of its long development time and cost, it was too expensive for ‘just a 350’. The V35 Bergmeister only lasted from 1954-1956, in 1958 Victoria merged with DKW and by the early 1960’s Victoria was no more.

So, in my early morning perusal of ebay, I come across this very nice example of a Victoria V35 Bergmeister. These bikes are very rare, some say only about 450 are left in the world at this time and parts for this machine are even rarer. The one I found here isn’t a runner but it was when it was put away and it’s all there except the mufflers. Has new ‘old’ tyres, the original service book, and seat. It does need some love but the owner says it kicks over strong with good compression, clicks through all the gears like it should and generally looks very good. It has been repainted (frame and body work) but the color is just a little bit off I think, not bad just a little off. I like this bike a lot, it’s got a really clean look, slim and compact and love that engine. So, if you’re looking for something very unusual that really won’t take all that much to restore, or at least get running this could be something that belongs in your garage. And when you’re riding it and someone asks what kind of Moto Guzzi is it, you can just smile and say “it’s not…it’s a Bergmeister” and ride away watching in your mirror them scratching their heads and wondering what a Bermeister is. Click on the pic below for more info and pictures. Hurry up because right now it’s still at a pretty good price.

1954 Victoria Bergmeister