I have been riding Vintage motorcycles since before they were vintage. My street motorcycling life started in 1968 on a 1952 Triumph, since that time I have only owned three ‘newish’ motorcycles.. well, actually two were new. I roadraced a Vintage Honda for many years with AHRMA and WSMC. I currently own three vintage Honda’s and one Vintage BMW, a 1976 R90S.

I love the simplicity of older motorcycles. You don’t need a computer or a certificate from MMI to work on them. The other thing I like about Vintage motorcycles are the people that ride them. Every Vintage bike owner has a story to tell about his bike, some are believable and some not, but they are entertaining nonetheless. The other side to that is that every Vintage motorcycle has a story, the true one…if only motorcycles could talk.

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